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Lee Clayton is a New York-based art director and production designer. Lee's most recent work on "The Food That Built America Season 3" can be seen on the History Channel. You can also visit his work on Investigation Discovery's "Calls From The Inside," which explores how inmates use codified language when calling folks on the outside.


Lee's experience as a production designer and art director  led him to work on several true crime and murder mystery shows, including the Emmy-winning series 'A Crime to Remember and 'Diabolical.' His previous work as an art director includes many full-length feature films such as 'The Truth About Lies,' 'Friends and Romans, and 'Keep the Lights On.' Additionally, Lee has worked on operas with the New York and LA Philharmonics, including the New York Philharmonic's London tour of 'Petrushka.'


Lee started as a ballet dancer at the San Francisco Ballet School. Since then, he's moved all over the country, pursuing dance, design school, and movie-making. He has over a decade of experience in the movie and commercial industry.

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